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Position Person Email
President Walter Menendez
Vice President Rob Learsch
Secretary Sarah Mayner
Treasurer Jeremy Kaplan
Room Assignment Chair Libby Zhang
Social Chair Ruth Park
Social Chair Khanh Nguyen
Weight Room Chair Virginia Chiu
Music Room Chair Garron Charles
Music Room Chair Zack Uhlenhuth
IM Sports Chair Manny Simpri
IM Sports Chair Gabriel Cruz
Rec Room Chair Veronica Padron
CPW Chair Tyler Hamer
CPW Chair Clarissa Towle
REX Chair Elizabeth Shen
REX Chair Erica Waller
i3 Chair Jack Greenfield
i3 Chair Leo Calderas
Desk Captain Roxana Mata
Webmaster Jeremy Kaplan

Entry chair emails are, where i is the entry letter you wish to contact.

How to move to a different entry in MacGregor:
  1. Get written permission from the chair(s) of the entry you would like to move into. The recommended method is to email, where x is the entry letter, and cc
  2. Ask the entry chairs for your new room assignment. If they don’t have any openings, you may be placed on a waitlist.
  3. Inform your current entry chairs that you will be leaving the entry so they can assign your current room to someone else.
  4. Wait for an email from Bob Ramsay or the RAC saying that your new room is ready for you to move in.
This process applies year-round, although mid-semester requests are likely to be deferred to the end of the semester. Questions? Contact the Room Assignment Chair at


These instructions are modified slightly from SAO's Financial Training Page. Please refer to that page if you have any questions. If you still have questions, email


  1. Make sure to save your receipts!
  2. Go to the Atlas Buying page, and click on the Reimbursement link under Requests for Payment (RFPs)
  3. Fill out the RFP. Detailed instructions below.
  4. Send the RFP to the Treasurer (Jeremy Kaplan, jdkaplan)
  5. Print out the page displayed after sending
  6. Staple your receipt(s) confirmation page you just printed. Take that to desk, and tell them to deliver it to the Treasurer.
  7. [Optional] Nag the Treasurer until you are reimbursed.

RFP Instructions

  1. Follow the above instructions up to Step 2.
  2. Enter the Payee (person being reimbursed) in the box, hit Search, and click on the result that matches you.
  3. [Optional] Name the RFP anything you want (you can use it to search the system for it).
  4. Fill out the Date of Service and Amount fields with their respective values. (Remember, DO NOT INCLUDE TAX.)
  6. Fill the G/L field using the reference at the bottom of this page
  7. Fill the Cost Object field with 2720608 (MacGregor's account number)
  8. Fill the Explanation field appropriately
  9. Click Save & Continue.
  10. Scan and attach your receipt(s) to the RFP you've created.
  11. Enter the Treasurer's name in the box (Jeremy Kaplan), hit Search, and click on the result that matches the Treasurer (kerberos: jdkaplan)

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