Welcome to HEX!

Welcome to MacGregor’s H Entry - also known as Hex! HEX has a historically distinct, nerdy, DIY, rebellious culture, situated in the southwest corner of the MacG Lowrise. We are the classy-ass folk who cook a lot of fancy-ass dinners.

We're the outspoken, vocal group that isn't afraid to do crazy things and get in "trouble" with various MIT admins. We are those nocturnal assholes who are awake when you're asleep, but are also the sleepy assholes who aren't afraid tell you to shut the fuck up. We used hold the record for most fire alarms set off by any entry (hence our alter ego names / door signs, the Fire Hazards) until a bunch of frosh in the high rise didn't realize they didn't know how to use stoves. Join Hex. Learn to cook.

Who are we?

While entry culture has changed and shifted over the years, we still enjoy building things, gaming, hacking, and pulling crazy stunts. If you're into East Side culture with a bit more cleanliness, a bit more serenity, and a bit more discreetness, this is the place for you.

Julian Quote of the Week:

~here could be your ad~

Things we are probably doing right now

  • Hanging out with G Entry (e.g. in the Smash Lounge; at Fancy Friday, Meatfest, or Hexgiving)
  • Eating food that our lovely GRTs have cooked/ordered, usually at a reasonable time
  • Eating food that we've cooked/ordered, especially at 2 AM
  • Being Fire Hazards... oops
  • Planning (and going on) visits to Boston, the beach, and other locations
  • Playing Mario Party 4, Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and other classics on MacG's largest TV (or one of the two other TVs around)
  • Watching Football/the Oscars/various movies on MacG’s largest TV
  • Not sleeping, “sleeping”, or actually sleeping
  • Talking about life and the state of the world
  • Enjoying some alone time because that’s also perfectly ok

Entry Details and Benefits

  • 44 single rooms
  • 6 Coed suites (5 8-person suites, one 4-person suite)
  • Lovely river views
  • Two recently (summer 2017 and summer 2018) renovated kitchens
  • Fairly large repository of shared kitchen equipment
  • Entry-provided cleaning supplies, water filters, vacuum, etc. (for communal use only)

450 Memorial Drive, Cambridge Massachusetts, US